Jay was born on the snowy peaks of the Himalayas, the son of a Sherpa guide and a Christian missionary. Early in life, the Dali Lama praised his uncanny ability to mimic Chi Tsu, the foremost Harry Connick impersonator in Nepal. Now, Jay sings the songs that made Chi Tsu famous, which made Harry Connick famous before him, and Frank Sinatra before him. The only real difference is that Jay is not famous. At least... not yet.

Currently, as a professional singer, Jay can be found at various night clubs throughout the land; making ladies swoon in droves, driving bartenders to work like never before, and inhaling his fair share of second-hand smoke. But the ladies, bartenders and smokers don't know his whole story, which is too long to tell here.

Know only this: Jay spends his spare time lending his considerable voice talents to Japanese Animé, working on such titles as: "Generator Gawl", and "StreetFighter, the Series". His mentor, a fellow Tibetan, was the voice of Chim-Chim in Speed Racer. But given what he's got going for him today, Jay never has to hide in the trunk with Spritle...
Chi Tsu would be so proud.
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