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Tail of the Comet: Excerpts from the Jay Hickman Jazz Vocal Catalogue. "In the still of the night...set 'em up, Joe...the memory of all that..." Like a tall glass sweating on a hot summer night, the songs of Jay Hickman are both the cure AND what ails you. If you know Jay's work, you know he carries a torch first lit from the end of Frank's cigarettes...carried by Tony, Mel, Nat and the men who were only boys when those guys' songs ruled the airwaves. See, Jay is a Singer of Songs, a guy your grandfather might've called a 'stand-up fella,' a 'real swinger,' a 'Singer of Songs.'
[For all you squares, here's the L7 version: Jay Hickman sings standards like "The Way You Look Tonight," "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" and "Come Fly With Me." Jay sings standards like he's ringin' in the New Year, 1959. Like the swing's the thing. For all you squares: take a listen!]

Besame Mucho Pure Latin Love!
Knock me a Kiss You Heard me, Toots!
The Coffee Song One of my Favorite Beverages
Come Fly with Me A Supersonic Love Song
Cybermutt Song The End Credits Theme song from the Movie Cybermutt
Our Love is Here Songs for Lovers
The Way you Look Tonight Songs for Lovers II
You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To Songs for Lovers III

Hair of the Dog: Excerpts from the Voice Acting Catalogue of James B. Hickman. Around the world in six or seven minutes! The vocal prowess of Jay Hickman roars to life even AFTER the dance floor's cleared. See, the kid's only MOONLIGHTING as one of the premiere singers of our time. By day, he's the man of a thousand voice-overs: just ask Jimmy Stewart or Jimmy Cagney, Kermit the Frog or Krusty the Klown! But wait, there's more to this story: here's a man on the mic who's as conversant with the verse as he's versed in the conversation. Whether it's a celebrity impersonation, a winning spokesman or just the guy next door, Jay is at home with all of his dialects in any setting. It's versatile, dig?

Wild Horses As the Voice of Adult Mark from the Movie "Touching Wild Horses"
Commercial Voice Over What Jay Hickman sounds like on the Radio
Industrial Voice Over What Jay Hickman sounds like on Video

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