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Animé (Ah-nee-may)
A late 20th Century Japanese art form comprised of highly stylized animated content. Distinguishable from traditional American animation by more complicated story lines, more evolved characterizations, and staggering visuals. First introduced to American television in the early '60s, animé is slowly pervading the culture, stateside, and is on the verge of exploding. Jay Hickman hit the animé circuit running in '98 with a breadth of performance that caught the attention of fans straight away. From his level-headed teen hero Koji (Generator Gawl)to his cult-of-evil-personality Nagare Akatsuki (Martian Successor Nadesico), Jay has already established himself as an appealing star in a brilliant constellation. To the legions of animé devotees - the fiercely articulate, passionate and knowledgeable heart and soul of the artform - Jay is an emerging talent bursting with credibility and resonance.
So enjoy a little... dare we say it...? Jaypanimé!TM

Nadesico 1 Nagare Akatsuki (Jay H.) introduces himself to the crew
Nadesico 2 Nagare Akatsuki (Jay H.) speaks about his M.O.
A.D. Police A gun-toting punk (Jay H.) brings the entire A.D. Police force to attention!
Koji 1 Koji (Jay H.) tells Ryo the bad news...
Koji 2 Koji (Jay H.) and Ryo learn about Professor Tekuma Nekasa
Koji 3 Koji (Jay H.) oversees as Gawl performs some manual labor
BGC 2040-1 The Knight Sabers encounter some unforgiving A.I. (Jay H.)
BGC 2040-2 A wise-cracking, waste-management employee (Jay H.)meets his subterranean end.

Live Action
Critics often talk about actors 'disappearing' into a role... and while it's intended as a compliment, it doesn't really do the best performances justice. Did Jimmy Stewart "disappear" into Rear Window? No more than Tom Hanks did an "anonymous" turn in Castaway. Remember: when Houdini disappeared, it was an UNFORGETTABLE act. Now, watch Jay's spin on a range of everymen: mind ("Apollo 11"), body (Don't Mess with Texas) and hero, the idealized self (James Bond, Golf Warehouse). We ARE the protagonist... we see our projected self... and we are riveted. Abracadabra.

Apollo 11 Engineers in Mission Control struggle to save the ORIGINAL Lunar module!
DMwTX Rules are rules, people... Foreman and I are together on this one!
Golf Warehouse Connery's still doing golf ads?? Guess so.

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