Links to Animé-Related Sites:

ADVFilms  The Houston-based animé company that produces many of the fine works that I've lucky enough to appear in!
Generator Gawl Video Clips   Hungry for MORE Gawl Clips? Click here!
Generators   A fansite devoted to Generator Gawl
Evil Minion   Okay, not really all that evil...   Here you can find: gaming info, animé cels for sale, and loads of links!
Cel Mansion   Another "Eeveel" gallery of Animation cels and home to the Legends of Rovana online comic!
The Bubblegum Crisis Center   Your #1 source for A.D. Police AND BGC 2040
Tactical Armor   Tactical Armor is a website devoted to the animé series Gasaraki - a must-see for any true Gasaraki fan.
Patsy's Martian Successor Nadesico Zone   Your One-stop Nadesico Links and Info Page!
Hikaru's Dojinshi   A Comprehensive Martian Successor Nadesico Fanfic Archive   To try to pigeon-hole this site is too daunting... so may I just say: "This is where you find What's Cool!"
The Anime Web TurnpikeTM  While this site has animé reviews, columns, and a message board... it is really ALL ABOUT
                                              the LINKS!  The Turnpike is the largest organized collection of anime and manga related links
                                              anywhere on the internet. Not bad!
E.V.I.L. and more   We need more sites like this one - completely devoted to Anime Villains!    Mwaha-ha-Ha!
Zathoros' AVADB   A growing database for Anime dubs and their voice actors. Also includes news on cons & brief reviews.
Robert DeJesus   If you're not familiar with the work of Robert DeJesus & Studio Capsule, do yourself a favor... visit this site!
A Fan's View   This guy is such a big fan, that he is now getting invited to give talks on his experiences!  He is pretty much the
                        reigning expert on Anime Cons across the country, and when you look at his site, it shows!    Check it out!

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